Wilted but Worthy

My challenge to all of us is this: get the rest you need to come back stronger. Get the rest you need to see others more clearly. Get the rest you need to challenge your limiting beliefs more honestly. To be relentless in your pursuit of cultivating environments where others can thrive. Where you can thrive.

Messages of Our Spaces

It would be interesting to do a walk through our schools as if we were seeing these spaces for the first time and to ask ourselves what messages our environment is sending to our students.

Customer Service in Our Schools

Adults and children alike yearn to be seen, known, and celebrated for who they are and what makes them uniquely special. Everyone wants to be respected as a human being. And we all are learners are our core, so let's embrace that and see every moment with people as an opportunity to learn together.

Razzle Dazzle

When we razzle dazzle others, we inspire them to ENJOY in very authentic ways. And we get to experience who they are on a deeper level as a result.

Sparking Joy with Our Senses

How might we bring light, color, or sound into our virtual settings? Joy gives us deeper access to our brains, our potential, and each other. And joy simply is not hard to find or create with a few small moves.

No Kind Gesture Too Small

It is such a profound honor to support educators who are doing the hard work of making this world a better place for kids. I don't ever want to take that for granted. I don't ever want to take educators for granted. We need the work of educators perhaps more than ever.

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