This is the Work

Knowing this gives us great power. Every word and interaction has the power to grow hope in other people. We can grow a sense of hope for the future. We can grow their belief that they are capable beyond on measure. We can grow everyone's sense of wellbeing. We can remind others that there are good people in this world who will stand in their corner, have their back, and cheer for them.

Wilted but Worthy

My challenge to all of us is this: get the rest you need to come back stronger. Get the rest you need to see others more clearly. Get the rest you need to challenge your limiting beliefs more honestly. To be relentless in your pursuit of cultivating environments where others can thrive. Where you can thrive.

Modeling What We Expect

I'm writing this as a reminder to all of us. What would happen if instead of jumping to criticism, we instead paused to ask ourselves: how we are modeling what we expect? What would happen if we were ridiculously in charge of our own learning, personal behavior, and growth?

People before Workers

Rather, if we take the time we need, we will be better rested and more emotionally available for others. This looks different for everyone. There is no one right way to recharge. But knowing ourselves and giving ourselves what we need is the first step to taking care of others as well.

Falling Down the Stairs

What would happen if every time we slipped down the metaphorical staircase in one area or another, instead of rushing to shame and judgement and self-defeating thoughts, we instead allowed others to pick us up. What would happen if we dusted ourselves off and then allowed our experiences to teach us how to be better next time?

Nourishing Blooms

Yes, let's take care of our daily business. Let's make sure our leaves are healthy. But in doing so, let's not cut off the blooms. The bloomers who shine bright and make school and this profession look fun and worthwhile.

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