Don’t Miss it Wishing for It

But until that happens, until our school schedules are changed to better honor the humanity of both students and educators, we need to find a way to be OK. To be more than OK. To be at peace.

Children Become Adults Who Remember

Children become adults who carry how we made them feel in their hearts for the rest of their lives. That's powerful. To matter that deeply in the lives of others. To matter that deeply in someone's future. We can be daunted by that or we can see it has an opportunity to be the good.

The Flow of Emotion

Whereever you need to go to sit with it, make space. Make space for your feelings flow. So you can see yourself and the world more clearly. So you can make space for others. So you can get out there and make this world better.

Messages of Our Spaces

It would be interesting to do a walk through our schools as if we were seeing these spaces for the first time and to ask ourselves what messages our environment is sending to our students.

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