We Can Do Hard Things

We are at a crossroads. We can survive this year, and go back to school as it always was, or we can start planning now for what's possible in the future. We've already proven that we can do hard things. Imagine what we can accomplish with future-oriented intentionality.

Imperfect Memories

Last weekend, we picked out our Christmas tree and brought it home. It was pouring down rain, but work was about to get very busy for my husband, so this was our best day. We lugged a soaked, 10 ft. tree on top of his SUV while the rain poured down on us. I was... Continue Reading →

Sparking Joy with Our Senses

How might we bring light, color, or sound into our virtual settings? Joy gives us deeper access to our brains, our potential, and each other. And joy simply is not hard to find or create with a few small moves.

An Antidote for Exhaustion

There are no small gestures. Every little bit counts. Imagine if we all commited to sprinkling each day with a smidge more thoughtfulness. Imagine how the world would change. We are all so desperate to be seen, known, understood. How we show up for ourselves and for others matters. It may matter now more than ever.

Make Feedback Normal

I need a t-shirt that says, "Make Feedback Normal." I don't want to feel like I'm being chased by lions. I want to feel like I'm nourishing my heart, mind, and spirit as I work to evolve and grow into the best human being and leader that I can be.

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