We’ve Got Class

It doesn't mean we don't stand up for ourselves and others. What it means is we decide which arguments are worth attending. And when we do engage in conflict, we show up with class. With integrity. We model for others what we want to see more of in the world.

Customer Service in Our Schools

Adults and children alike yearn to be seen, known, and celebrated for who they are and what makes them uniquely special. Everyone wants to be respected as a human being. And we all are learners are our core, so let's embrace that and see every moment with people as an opportunity to learn together.

Asking Kids for Advice

Teachers, parents, adults...kids are listening. You matter. They are listening and taking in all of that good, really important stuff you have to say, and they are carrying it in their hearts.

Razzle Dazzle

When we razzle dazzle others, we inspire them to ENJOY in very authentic ways. And we get to experience who they are on a deeper level as a result.

Enough is Relative

There are kids all over this world who are worried about having enough and being enough. There are adults all over this world who are worried about the same. Anything we can do to provide security and assurance, so they can climb out of their reptilian brain and into the beauty of the present moment, we should do.

Making Ourselves Small

Some of the peace and quiet I've enjoyed up to this point in my life has come from staying small and playing it safe. When a big thought or creative idea comes my way, instead of asking myself, "Does this light me up on the inside?" My first thought is often, "What will other people think..."

Deep Sighs

This year, what if we all became our own advocates? What if we were ridiculously in charge of our energy and well-being? I think the world our work would change. I think our work would become more inspired, more emphathetic, more colorful, more bold, more meaningful.

Marking Safe

My greatest wish for all of us in upcoming days and in the New Year is that we find the strength to continue showing up with our whole hearts and that we feel both safe and held.

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