Top 40 Lessons

No one is thinking about you as much as you are thinking about you. When we come to understand that, we are liberated from worrying too much about what other people think.

We Can’t Own it All

Not all feedback is good feedback. Not all work is ours to own. Let's own how we show up and respond. Let's listen for good feedback, reflect, and get better. Forget the rest. Give it a rest. It's time to rest. Enjoy some peace this weekend. You deserve it.

Educators Deserve Standing Ovations

We just finished our last school day with students. This school year has felt impossibly hard. We love our students. We love our work. And yet, many of us find ourselves wondering if we can keep doing these jobs. It makes me worry about the future of our schools. It makes me worry about the... Continue Reading →

It Can Wait

Turn that song up, roll the windows down, take that walk with that person you love. Live your life fully in little moments. It's all we have - these little moments.

People before Process

And all the time, it's about the people. It's not about the rules. It's not about winning or being right. It's about removing small barriers to give people greater access to a positive experience and a positive learning experience.

Thank You, Educators

We cannot do it alone. We cannot solve the big challenges in our schools by ourselves. Not individually. Not even solely as an individual school. Meaningful change will require us to partner district office and members of our community and other schools near and far. Meaningful change will require us to get uncomfortable and take risks.

Hitting Our Limits

I'm done hustling for my worth. I spent my twenties doing that, and it's exhausting trying to make everyone happy. It's exhausting trying to "prove" myself to other people. Everyone has an opinion. Even when we involve others in decisions, at the end of the day, decisions have to be made. We have to do what we believe is right even when other people disagree. We can't make everyone happy. We are not pizza.

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