The Power of &

I had the pleasure of hearing Tanny McGregor, an influential educator and author, speak to a group of teachers yesterday. She spoke about the power of AND. Specifically, the ampersand. I was inspired as she had us consider the potential of holding two opposing thoughts at one time. Sitting with those opposing thoughts, considering them,... Continue Reading →

Helpful Not Successful

People can sense when you truly want to be helpful and be a part of solutions. When we roll up ourselves and come alongside others in ways that feel helpful and supportive, that does a lot to deepen relationships and trust. When the focus is on what you can control (yourself) and how you show up for others, the intentional care you put into the process will almost always lead to great results. Focusing on doing small things well with great consistency and celebrating that growth along the way feels better than obsessing over the distance to the end result.

Good Enough Consistently

Too many great things don't happen because we don't believe that our small moves are good enough. My challenge for each of us is to decide what matters so much that it's worthy of our consistent good enough. Good enough consistently can help us achieve greatness.


For me, sometimes the best way to feel better is counterintuitive. To give that which I'm lacking. If I'm not feeling wholehearted in my work and not feeling the love, I give love. If I'm not feeling like I belong, I create belonging for others. For example, ensuring equity of voice in meetings, paying attention to how I respond to the contributions of others, and sitting in circles are all small moves for belonging that I talk about in the draft of my book. And finally, vulnerability. Someone has to go first. Sometimes, that someone is you. Whether it be rest or more wholeheartedness in your work, I hope you find it.

Hype People Up

Recently, a teacher sent me a very kind text message. It didn't feel like I deserved her words of affirmation, but I cherished them and held them dear. It felt nice to have someone see something good in me, and it made me want to live up to those words the next day and every day. I guess all I'm saying is that our winters are long. The middle part of the school year can feel long and messy. But the work feels better when we feel better and a great way to feel better is to notice and acknowledge what's great around us: the people. The people make our schools special. Let's hype them up.

Taking Care of People

No gesture is too small. All gestures matter. If we all took the time to make those small gestures, our classrooms would change. Our schools would change. Our districts would change. Our communities would change. This is how we change the world. Through small caring on a daily basis. If we all do our part, the world will change.

1% is BIG

What makes small moves impactful: Belief in yourself and what you're doing. Consistency. Reflection. If what you're doing isn't work well for you or others, change it. It's that simple.

Mesmerized by the Day-to-Day

If someone makes a small move that has an impact on you, tell them. If you see someone make a small move that has a positive impact on another person, tell them. Tell them with specificity and joy in your heart. That encouragement may be just what they need to keep making those small moves tomorrow. Too often, our small beautiful moves get swallowed up by loud problems. When you look at all of our work at one time, it's overwhelming and easy to see problems everywhere. When you train your mind to celebrate small moments, you see possibility. You find hope. It's not that we ignore our problems. We work on them, but we don't mentally live there.

Top 40 Lessons

No one is thinking about you as much as you are thinking about you. When we come to understand that, we are liberated from worrying too much about what other people think.

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