When People Feel like More Work

As educators, when we nourish others in reaching their fullest potential, we are one step closer to reaching our fullest potential. We are one step closer to reaching our highest professional purpose.

Everything to Everybody

We don't have to make ourselves small to make other people more comfortable. And we don't have to make our work small either. We can choose. We can choose how we show up for ourselves and for others and for our work.

Tripping Over the Truth

When you're motivated to do the right thing for kids for the right reasons, you can move big work and you can move it more quickly than you might think. It is almost always scary and difficult, but it's also worth it. It is a good kind of satisfying exhaustion. I live that for that kind of exhaustion.

Customer Service in Our Schools

Adults and children alike yearn to be seen, known, and celebrated for who they are and what makes them uniquely special. Everyone wants to be respected as a human being. And we all are learners are our core, so let's embrace that and see every moment with people as an opportunity to learn together.

Asking Kids for Advice

Teachers, parents, adults...kids are listening. You matter. They are listening and taking in all of that good, really important stuff you have to say, and they are carrying it in their hearts.

Making Ourselves Small

Some of the peace and quiet I've enjoyed up to this point in my life has come from staying small and playing it safe. When a big thought or creative idea comes my way, instead of asking myself, "Does this light me up on the inside?" My first thought is often, "What will other people think..."

Marking Safe

My greatest wish for all of us in upcoming days and in the New Year is that we find the strength to continue showing up with our whole hearts and that we feel both safe and held.

We Can Do Hard Things

We are at a crossroads. We can survive this year, and go back to school as it always was, or we can start planning now for what's possible in the future. We've already proven that we can do hard things. Imagine what we can accomplish with future-oriented intentionality.

Sparking Joy with Our Senses

How might we bring light, color, or sound into our virtual settings? Joy gives us deeper access to our brains, our potential, and each other. And joy simply is not hard to find or create with a few small moves.

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