Slow It Down

Have you ever noticed how fast time seems to soar the older we get? Do you remember as a kid how that space between Halloween and the holidays felt like forever? It felt like time moved SO SLOWLY. When I look back, I spent more time playing outside and didn’t have as much access to technology which also meant that people had less access to me too. I think some of us dream about being inaccessible. It’s why some people enjoy staying in cabinets, going hiking, or traveling abroad.

It’s hard to believe that for those of us that celebrate Christmas, it’s just a few days away. I don’t want to miss the details and moments.

The other day as I was driving home, it was dark outside, and I had a lot on my mind. I had this realization that time has always been what it will be. The same amount of time I had as a kid, I have today. I’m just spending my time differently. Certainly, as an adult, I have more responsibilities, but I have the same amount of time. With a lot on my mind, my drive to and from work is preoccupied with thoughts and to-do’s. I recently caught myself deep in thought the other evening and realized I was missing all of the beautiful Christmas lights. I redirected my attention in appreciation for such displays of holiday spirit. Being in the moment feels magical, honestly.

The next morning I caught the sun rising over the river. It is such a special treat to catch a sunrise. Something about it fills you will a sense of hope and possibility and gratitude for waking up to see another day. Not to mention, it feels like a miracle when you get to see the sun in the dead of winter in the midwest.

Whatever it is for you, whatever makes you feel grateful to be alive, slow down so you can stay closer to it this season. The things I’m most thankful for cannot be found in my phone or on the internet. Slow down and savor that first sip of your coffee. Wrap your hands around a warm mug and enjoy the glow of your Christmas tree or fire. Hug a little longer. Turn your music up. Whatever little moves you can make, whatever little time you can take, do it.

Time isn’t slowing down, but we can.

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