In the Moment

So, this week my challenge for all of us is to first: cut ourselves some slack. A lot gets thrown our way and often it comes from people with positional authority. Then, let's ask ourselves, "Where can we be more intentional about giving our full attention to others this week?" In doing so, let's pay attention to how that makes us feel. How it makes the work feel. How it makes others feel.

More Isn’t Always Better

The most important work is the work we do on ourselves. Everything else is secondary. Let's put ourselves in the best position possible to show up with our whole hearts this school year and love ourselves through the times when don't then try again. Our schools need more humanity. This may be one of our best first steps.

The Day After Perfect

So, whatever role you're in this school year, people need less attempts at perfection in our schools. People need more humanity. I think our school year would change if we were able to make that connection for ourselves and alongside others.

Looking Within First

It feels good to be ridiculously in charge of ourselves and our impact. Perhaps if more people made a small step toward that kind of self-awareness and ownership, the world would change.

Reflections on an Emerging Student-Centered Learning Ecosystem: Inquiry and Ideas (Part II)

As the fellowship took shape, each teacher brought assets of their own that they knew could work, but also a willingness to learn that came from not seeing their approach as “the” answer. In the words of improv comedy, they came with bricks rather than a cathedral.  This kind of openness to inclusion would be key to ideation and innovation. The smartest person in the room may be the room, but only when everyone who should be is in the room.

How We Treat Each Other

There are no perfect people, so let's stop pretending to have it all together. More authenticity and honest conversations are needed in schools. Artificial harmony is not going to take us where we need to go.

Less Rush. More Presence.

Because really...isn't that what our schools and classrooms need at the end of the day? Calm care and a profound sense that what we are doing together is special and worthy of savoring? Less rush. More presence.

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